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Unleash Your Imagination with Living Flame: Crafting Bespoke Gas Fireplaces

Renovation of a gas fireplace. Shows 2 images before renovation. One image is inspiration of a modern concrete style fireplace. Second image shows existing old, traditional fireplace, exposed brick and timber framework.

Looking to add a touch of warmth and style to your living space? At Living Flame, we’re all about innovation and pushing the boundaries of traditional fireplace design. Whether you’re inspired by Instagram, architectural websites like, blog posts, search engines, or your own Pinterest board; we can turn your vision into a stunning reality.

Let’s take a closer look at one of our client’s journey with Living Flame gas fireplaces. We’ll show you how we transformed their vision into a stunning reality.

Bringing ideas to life with Living Flame

When our client decided to remodel their house into a show-stopping home, their architects,, recommended to get in touch with us at Living Flame. Intrigued by the idea of creating something truly unique, they reached out to our talented team.

Firstly, our client needed a statement focal point for the living room. The capivating Eastside 1500 Vista gas fireplace with an exposed flue was the perfect solution for it. Next, to elevate the outdoor entertainment area, we installed the versatile Chef 1500 Cook-on gas fireplace on the covered deck.

However, the most challenging aspect of the project was the transformation of the existing wood fire and chimney in the Media Room.

Inspired by a Pinterest image, our client desired a similar aesthetic but with the convenience and modern touch of a gas fireplace. Although they had a fondness for traditional fires, the style and additional timber-work made it impractical. Ultimately, we decided that an open gas fire would be the perfect solution.

Collaboration and Craftsmanship

Living Flame collaborated with Dan Ross from Kevin Ross Builders to construct the fireplace cavity. Using a combination of timber, cement board and 50mm Hebel, we created a fully functioning, non-combustible chimney. Dan’s dedication, expertise and research on Hebel usage, ensured a seamless execution of the project. Next, the entire chimney breast was enveloped in exquisite marble sheets, both inside and out, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the space.

Renovation of a gas fireplace. Shows 3 images during renovation: a framed fireplace, a fireplace with cement board and Hebel, and a fireplace with marble sheets.

To enhance the visual impact, Living Flame designed a custom Basket and black steel back panel, introducing an element of contrast. The end result surpassed our client’s initial inspiration, making it one of the most rewarding projects we have had the privilege to work on.

After Renovation Image. Shows 2 images. The completed renovated gas fireplace with marble. The gas fireplace in the lounge setting.

At Living Flame gas fireplaces, we’re all about making dreams a reality. Our passion for innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship ensures that every bespoke gas fireplace we create is a masterpiece. So, whether you’re browsing online for inspiration or have a unique vision in mind, trust Living Flame to bring it to life. Contact us today and let us craft a gas fireplace that suits you and your home perfectly!