Outdoor - Flares

Living Flame has an outdoor fireplace for your home, even for simply soaking up the ambience. The Flares are designed to enhance your outside living space; and extend your outdoor entertainment season.   Warm up any social gathering with the flick of a switch, to ignite the Flares’ luxurious burning flame, warm ambient light and inviting radiant heat.

Living Flame has created the Flares with maximum safety, ease of use and durability in mind. From safety shut-offs to full non-corrosive stainless-steel construction, our Flares will create a tropical ambience that will transform your garden into a beautiful, restful oasis.

What are my options?

Flares Are Available With Any Of These Options

  • LPG / Natural Gas
  • Manual or Electronic Ignition
  • Different Shapes and Sizes
  • Different Colours
  • Full Stainless Steel Body
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