Indoor - Brooklyn

If you are looking for an efficient, yet environmentally friendly heating solution, then let us suggest the Brooklyn Biofuel fireplace. The Brooklyn can be installed anywhere as there is no need for a chimney or venting – meaning all heat generated stays inside your home.  Biofuel produces the warmth and feel of an open flame but without any smoke or pollutants.  The Brooklyn is available in a variety of sleek finishes, from brushed stainless to bronze and black, allowing it to seamlessly blend into your décor.

What are my options?

The Brooklyn Range Is Available With These Features

  • Biofuel
  • 99% Efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • 6.3kW Heat
  • No Flue Required
  • 2 Stage Convection Fan
  • 3 Colour Choices
  • No Council Approval Required
  • Simple Installation
  • Zero Clearance Design
  • Designed for NZ Homes
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