Indoor - Registers

Living Flame is the only NZ manufacturer of register inserts designed to fit the unique dimensions of your fireplace.  Unlike other companies, Living Flame does not have a one size fits all approach.

If you have an old register that has been decommissioned, Living Flame can restore and rebuild it.  As part of the restoration process we can install a new flue system if the chimney is in disrepair, or the fireplace has been moved.  We have a large selection of old parts that may fit your fireplace, however we can fabricate a new register insert for you if we don’t have a suitable one in stock.

Our register inserts include a new gas burner with a hidden control panel below.  They can be retrofitted into your old register and are sympathetically styled to look as though they have always been there.  Once installed, a simple twist of a knob will see your beautiful, restored, usable fireplace ready to be enjoyed.

What are my options?

Registers Are Available With Any Of These Options

  • LPG / Natural Gas
  • Logs
  • Coals
  • Electronic Hand Remote
  • Electronic Switching
  • Smart Wire Functionality
  • Refurbishments
  • New Installation or Existing Chimney
  • Open Front
  • Vertical / Horizontal Flue
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