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Valentino LF/RF
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The Planika Valentino range brings you the latest features of European gas fireplace technology. With the most natural-looking ceramic logs, decorative elements and beautiful natural flames, it is the perfect alternative to the traditional wood-burning fireplace, all thermostatically operated via your remote, home automation or smart phone.

The Planika Valentino is also equipped with high quality anti-reflective glass fronts, gas and CO sensors, seismic activity sensors and child lock mode to provide safety for you and your family. With a simple, clean, frameless design and modern features the Planika Valentino brings your home comfort to another level.

Planika Valentino LF/RF

With one frameless glass face, and a large glass frontage, the Planika Valentino LF or RF is an elegant corner fireplace solution. The frameless glass corner is designed to catch the eye whilst simultaneously providing additional viewing angles from around the room.

Planika Valentino LFR

Reminiscent of a traditional bay window, the Planika Valentino is designed with two glass side panels and a large glass front. Whether you're after a contemporary or character filled interior, the Planika Valentino LFR will create a striking architectural focal point in any home.

Planika Valentino F

With its large anti-reflective front and beautiful natural flames, the Planika Valentino F gives you the warmth and nostalgic scenery of a traditional fireplace but with a contemporary custom finish. Its elegant recessed design allows the Planika Valentino F to sit flush to its surroundings, giving your room a sleek and spacious feel.

What are my options?

The Planika Range Is Available With Any Of These Options

  • Smart Phone Functionality with Dedicated App
  • Smart Wire Functionality
  • Electronic hand remote
  • Eco Flow Mode
  • CO Sensor
  • Seismic Sensor
  • Service Reminder
  • Built-in Gas Detector
  • Child Lock
  • Natural Gas / LPG
  • Convectional Heat Option
  • Horizontal / Vertical Flue Option
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