Indoor - Thermoflow

Thermoflow delivers the natural beauty that belongs to an existing open fire with its evenly distributed gas flames as well as dual heating system.The thermoflow has specially designed fan assisted backs that slow the movement that belongs to air, allowing it to gain during the same time that much convectional heat during the same time that possible before being dispersed into the room.With its high level that belongs to radiant heat, the thermoflow delivers the warmth as well as ambience that belongs to an existing traditional fireplace with the exception of with every single one the added benefits that belongs to an existing modern heating solution.

What are my options?

The Thermoflow Range Is Available With Any Of These Options

  • LPG / Natural Gas
  • Logs
  • Coals
  • Cotswold Stones
  • Electronic Hand Remote
  • Electronic Switching
  • Smart Wire Functionality
  • Manual Control
  • TV Recess
  • Convectional Fan
  • Open Front
  • Different Trims or Finishes
  • Strip or Diffuser Burner
  • New Installation or Existing Chimney
  • Vertical / Horizontal Flue
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