Indoor - Custom Biofuel

When beautiful fire without limitation is what you desire, the Biofuel custom range is for you. With several burner types from leading manufacturers Planika and Bio Flame, using manual fuelling and ignition right through to fully automated, there is a system to suit any home. Removing the flue opens many possibilities for location and style, whilst working with our design team allows you to fit the fire you have always wanted in any situation. Biofuel burners give great environmentally friendly safe heat, together with beautiful lively flames, minus the fuss of a more conventional fireplaces

Things we've made

Custom fires can be designed to suit your needs

  • Gas fire Biofuel inserts
  • Wood fire Biofuel inserts
  • See-through Biofuel fireplaces
  • Heatproof zero-clearance kits
  • Automatic refuelling fires
  • Remote controlled burners
  • Smart-home controlled fires
  • Smartphone operated fires

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